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February 2019
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I drank a ship

By on February 9, 2019
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I drank a ship today (no, you didn’t read that wrong neither is it a typo. I am a ship drinker.)

I swear I didn’t wanna do it, I swear! But she was looking at me her eyes slightly closed daring me to refuse. I was already down two strikes:

Strike one: I am afraid of her cat.

Ladies and gentlemen its now official! I have Aulirophobia also known as Gatophobia also known as cat phobia and yes it’s a real thing. I can’t stand those things they make this noise like someone is strangling them and then they want to rub themselves on you and leave their fur in your clothes..(fur that can cause asthma by the way and I already have asthma so what would I get? Asthmatic Asthma or even…don’t think it….don’t think it… lung cancer!! No lazy thing is worth the risk. But you see miss slightly closed eyes has a cat and not just a cat but a gigantic mother or father (I can’t tell) of cats and she watched me look at it with my evil eyes and in them she saw vividly the images running in my head of how if I could get the courage I would pick the ugly feline by its tail and throw it into the fridge! Strike one earned.

Strike two: I never attended catechism.. Like ever.

I was not ready then and I’m not ready know. Plus why are all this outward practices such a huge deal anyway? I won’t and I won’t go for catechism. Besides what is it for and everyone I know who attended catechism still can’t explain how Christianity is monothesic (if they even know what that means.) In my opinion those people are even more confused than us the so called lost souls. I won’t deny that I have been tempted to be confirmed. Like that time we were in church and everyone stood up to eat the bread sorry body of Christ and I was left in the pew alone and when they came back they all smelled of wine and the devil on my shoulder whispered to me “Hey C I found a way we can drink alcohol and no one can judge us,”  I stood up and left the church Peer pressure is the devil’s work!

I haven’t written in the defiant for a long time. You see at the beginning of the year, I texted my sister and told her it would be a good year. Three days later I wanted to kill myself and now I’m wearing screaming pink strapless tops to church and drinking ship as a way to distract myself about my true feelings. Anyway back to the story, I was holding the orange plastic cup in my hand. The white foaming liquid inside emitting a smell I knew only too well; the smell of death. I had thought of closing my eyes as I drank but some type of force from within the cup forced them wide open and in the cup I saw the ships tears. Silent tears as it stood to await its slaughter, silent tears as the inhumane slaughterers rubbed their fingers in greed and anxiety of the lifeless coins they would receive from the life of this ship. I saw the silent tears as its skin was shed and its bones boiled in a pot. I saw its silent tears as obnoxious arrogant people drank it and spoke of it as though it never once exisisted. I then saw its silent tears as it begged and pleaded me to save it. It seemed to be speaking to me; the language that requires no translation, that has no syntax but its semantics are as clear as day. It spoke to me


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